Our Leadership & Staff

Spiritual Servant Leader & Senior Pastor
Rodney T. Morton
410-233-8558 x11

Associate Ministers
Dr. Diane S. Craig
Minister Terry Long
Rev. Angela Nelson
Rev. Kendall R. Shoats
Minister Jerry Woahtee
410-233-8558 x10

Diaconate Ministry
Roy Shoats, Chairman
410-233-8558 x13

Director of Communication
Edith V. McCracken
410-233-8558 x21

Safety & Security Team
Deacon Johnny Dabney, Coordinator
410-233-8558 x23



Food Manager
Barbara James
410-233-8558 x10

Administrative Assistant to the Senior Pastor
Esther F. Pope
410-233-8558 x10

Children, Youth & Young Adult Pastor
Minister Brandon M. Hite
410-233-8558 x18

Trustee Ministry
Marcia R. Tuck, Chairwoman
410-233-8558 x12

Church Secretary
410-233-8558 x10

Maintenance & Custodial Care
Charles Diggs
410-233-8558 x19