The Christian Education Ministries coordinate and administer programs, strategies, and developmental training to facilitate spiritual growth and discipleship. Each of the ministries listed below make up the Christian Education Ministries Core Team. 


Academic Tutoring

Deacon Joseph L. Edmonds, Coordinator

Our tutoring program seeks to make a difference in the lives of children and adults who are faced with learning obstacles and challenges. We believe that everyone can learn if there is someone who cares. Therefore, we provide one-to-one tutoring. We strive to build relationships through Christ-like love and compassion. Our goal is to challenge the student to enjoy learning and come to know our Savior, Jesus Christ.

The number of volunteer tutors determine the number of persons we have each year. The tutoring schedule is agreed upon by the tutor and the student. For more information about our tutoring program, please call us at 410-233-8558.

Church Sunday School

Mrs. Myra Staples, Superintendent

The Church Sunday School offers a diverse curriculum that equips members with practical knowledge to guide and direct their daily living. The Word of God is the central text for each class accompanied by contemporary resources to help members learn and grow stronger in the Lord. We have classes for all ages. Classes are held every Sunday morning beginning at 8:45 am. Everyone is invited to join a class this Sunday!

Curriculum Resources

Ms. Martha Turner, Coordinator

The Curriculum Resources volunteers provide quality resources, services, programs, and instruction that support Christian education and practice.


Ms. Clara Carroll, Coordinator

Evangelism’s focus is to expand the Gospel of Jesus Christ outside the church walls. Persons who have truly accepted the call to servanthood make up this ministry and are driven by a united passion for spreading the Good News Gospel.

New Member Orientation

Mrs. Margaret Robbins, Coordinator

These volunteers are passionate about the mission and vision of the church. Their specific mission, to receive and retain new members and aid in their spiritual growth, extends from the first day of membership until well-trained disciples are ready to serve and win others to Christ. 

The New Member Orientation team plans, implements, and supervises nurturing activities that engage the entire membership in praying for the discipline of new members. Browse our New Member Orientation Course.

Scholarship Ministry

Mrs. Rhonda Jackson. Coordinator

The Scholarship Ministry has oversight and administrative responsibility for The Central Baptist Church Scholarship Fund. The ministry endeavors to provide financial support opportunities to graduating high school seniors who plan to attend institutions of higher learning. Scholarship dollars are awarded to those students who:

  • Are members of The Central Baptist Church;
  • Meet the eligibility requirements; and,
  • Plan to attend a community college, 4-year college or university, a seminary school, or a technical or vocational institution.

The ministry sponsors activities each year to promote education awareness, recognize academic excellence, and to raise scholarship dollars. For more information about the Scholarship Ministry, or to donate to the Scholarship Fund, please call 410-233-8558.

Teacher Training & Development

Ms. Barbara Robinson, Coordinator

The growing expectations of society continue to set new challenges for education. The role of a teacher is no longer confined to the typical classroom setting. Teaching carries several roles and functions, which require leadership competence, preparedness, and capabilities for teamwork, interdisciplinary skills, supervisory expertise, and the skill of using information and communications means and educational technologies. So, we must continuously "teach the teacher."

We provide ongoing support, resources, and quarterly developmental training in the areas of:

  • Professional self-improvement
  • Personal self-development
  • Teaching skills, methods, styles, and techniques 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer teacher, a member of the Teacher Training & Development Ministry, or if you just want more information about what we do, please call 410-233-8558.

Vacation Bible School

Ms. Joyce Pretlow, Coordinator

Vacation Bible School (VBS) originated as a specialized form of religious education for children. Now, churches everywhere look forward to hosting VBS at least one week each summer. VBS is a wonderful opportunity for children and adults of all ages to discover the love of Jesus Christ while they enjoy games, arts and crafts, music, science, and prayer and praise time. For more information about this year's FREE 2-Week Vacation Bible School Session, please contact 410-233-8558.

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