The Music & Arts Ministry is for anyone who is passionate about using their creativity to reflect and communicate Christ’s love and plan for the world. Whether through music, mime, or dance, the Music & Arts Ministry is a place for persons to build relationships, grow in creativity, learn, and develop resources to build the local Church and expand the Kingdom of God. All age groups are welcome to the choirs and dance troupe.

Children's Choir

The overall mission of the Children’s Choir is to get children involved in our services and to help teach them that even at a young age, they can praise the Lord through son, dance, and any other sort of talents and gifts God has given us. We encourage all children and preteens between the ages of 4 and 12 to come and join us.


The Dance Ministry consists of purpose driven Christians of all ages who have been called to praise the Lord through music and dance. Christ is glorified when they leap for joy and are moved by the Spirit with dance like David. 

Mass Choir

The Mass Choir is a combination of adult singers and choirs, men and women, age 18 and over. This choir unites to sing a wide array of music—from traditional hymns to contemporary gospel. They sing for all Communion, special, and annual day services.

Praise & Worship Team

Our Adult Praise and Worship team creates an environment where people embrace the presence of God. (Members are appointed by Pastor Morton and the Director of Music.)

Youth & Young Adult Choir

If you have the gift of music and you are interested in joining the Young Adult Choir, join choir members (ages 13-35) who sing urban contemporary gospel and radical praise music.