Organized for Ministry

This is how we do it...

Senior Pastor Rodney T. Morton

Called by God, Pastor Morton provides spiritual leadership to our fellowship and community.  He serves as shepherd, chief administrator, preacher, trainer, teacher, leader, and counselor, leading people to become effective ministers and ambassadors for Christ. 

Deacons & Trustees

Core Ministry Directors

Lay Members & Staff

Our member Deacons and Trustees provide spiritual and fiscal leadership and accountability for the Church and Senior Pastor. They approve the budget, assist with the major decisions, and support the Senior Pastor in crises and conflicts within the church.
These men and women have responsibility to lead specific core areas of ministry. They encourage, train, support, and invite member participation to the fullest extent possible and also lead in the important works of the church.
These are they who have promised to serve, financially support, and be held accountable by the church. They are THE CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH from whose hearts, hands, commitment, and generosity all the ministries here are possible. 

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