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Guidelines for Submitting Announcements

Please read all of the following guidelines. All announcements are subject to approval by the Senior Pastor. We reserve the right to include, not include, and edit the content of your announcement. Announcements are due by Noon, ET on Wednesday of each week. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Submit your announcement using only this electronic Announcement Request Form located on our website, also accessible via our mobile app. The form is designed to collect specific information. Announcements WILL NOT be accepted by phone, email, text message or handwritten correspondence so as to avoid any miscommunication. Attempts to use You will be directed to this page.

The deadline for submitting announcement requests or changes to already running announcements is Noon on Wednesday of the week your announcement will run.

All requests are reviewed before publication. We reserve the right to edit your announcement for length and content, if necessary. During certain times of the year, it may be necessary to shorten the duration of your announcement. If you are announcing an event, please make sure that your event is also booked on the church calendar BEFORE you submit your request. If your event is not on the Church Calendar – your announcement WILL NOT run.

If you would like a particular image associated with the slide design, send us the image with your announcement. You will be able to upload the image in the announcement form. We will do our best to incorporate the image into our slide set. We reserve the right to adjust slide images to accommodate our A/V system.

Your announcement MUST include contact information. Please do not instruct people to call the church for information about your event. You and your ministry or committee are responsible to promote your activity. Be sure to double-check the phone numbers and e-mail addresses of your event contact persons for accuracy.

Only those announcements targeting the church and/or community audience should be submitted here. Information about private internal meetings to discuss church or ministry business should not use this process.

We no longer produce paper flyers or inserts of any kind. All information is communicated electronically.

Announcements will generally run for no longer than three weeks, and should be published three weeks in advance of your event to ensure maximum exposure to the church community.

We generally do not advertise events sponsored by outside organizations. However, with the Senior Pastor's approval, we may announce events in which:

  • We have special interest
  • We are stakeholders
  • We co-sponsor
  • We have entered into a partnership