Operating Status

The Central Baptist Church facilities and offices are currently closed. Please verify the current status of all activities before attempting to engage. The COVID-19 pandemic is causing an unprecedented load on the nation's communication industry. As such, we may experience some strain on streaming and phone services. Please be patient as we navigate these unfamiliar territories and trust God to lead us through every challenge.

IN-PERSON services, meetings, activities, and gatherings for The Central Baptist Church are canceled until further notice. We are continuing, however, to conduct worship services, Sunday School, Bible study, ministry meetings, small group meetings, and some special events and other activities virtually online. Several options to watch or listen to our services and activities and worship through giving are also available. Please visit our COVID-19 Resources page often or contact us directly to learn more.


Giving is available 24/7. You may give anytime via our website,  mobile app, Gift of Love Center dropbox, the Givelify mobile app, and by United States postal mail. If you decide to mail your donation, please indicate on your check or money order how your funds should be applied. Our postal mailing address for all financial involvement is:

Trustee Office
The Central Baptist Church
2031 W Baltimore St
Baltimore, MD 21223 

Click or tap the button below to give now. 


For many years, we handed a printed copy of the bulletin to everyone who attended our church services. Due to the virtual reality of today's world, the bulletin is now available only in electronic format. The Office of Administrative Services produces the bulletin. We use the bulletin as the primary communication tool for both inreach and outreach, and to articulate the things we deem most important for those participating in and watching our services. The electronic bulletin allows us to communicate a variety of information to diverse audiences who may be interested in or connected to our ministry.


Administrative Services sends robocall and text messages to the membership when the message is urgent or requires a timely response or action. Robocall messages are delivered to answering machines and voice mail systems if such a system answers the call rather than a person. If the phone rings busy or is not answered, our robocall supplier will try to deliver the message again later. Any member who did not hear the message clearly or would like to hear it again can retrieve the last message delivered by calling (877) 333-9336. If you are a member not receiving robocall or text messages but would like to , please click or tap the button below to let us know.