When you sign up for our FOOD ASSISTANCE mailing list, you agree to receive robocalls and/or email notifications about the free food distributions, drive by and walk up,  in and around our church and community. All distributions are on a first come basis while the supply lasts. Dates and times vary with little advance notice. Face masks are required.

"Jesus, remind me that when I give to others, I am really giving to You. 
You have given me everything – my money, my possessions, my time, my talents, my love. 
Help me to share all that I have with those who are in need. Amen."

Showing Off Our Work

We strive to always portray a Christian image that reflects favorably upon the work of Christ and of our congregation as His instrument, the publicizing of the work of our congregation through various channels, and the general integration of the congregation’s work into the community in support of institutions and agencies established with the similar purpose of responding to special human needs. These efforts are described here.

Gift of Love Center

Gift of Love Center (Serving Church & Community)
4th Saturdays Monthly - 10am until 12 noon
We distribute food to approximately 100 individuals and families each month.

Prime Age Seniors

We offer and support programs that increase life-long mental health and
personal and spiritual growth.

Prison Ministry

We seize opportunities to share the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ
to impact the lives of incarcerated and returning citizens and their families.

THREAD: Food with a Focus

Thread's Food with a Focus program increases personal safety and decreases the
spread of COVID-19 by distributing food faster and more efficiently.

Bon Secours Community Works

Bon Secours Community Works (BSCW) enriches West Baltimore communities with
programs and services that contribute to long-term economic and social  viability of neighborhoods.

Local Farmers & Supporters

We partner with local farmers and other supporters such as: Bartenfelder Farms,
First Fruits Farm, MD Department of Agriculture, MD Boychoir, MD Branch of NAACP,
and MD Food Bank to help make food available for everyone.  

West Baltimore Renaissance Foundation

LifeBridge Health System's Renaissance Foundation invests in the wellbeing of the
West Baltimore community in areas such as workforce development,
mentoring, food access, and population health.

Morining Star Baptist Church Summer Camp

Due to COVID-19 and no in-person camp, our 2020 partnership with the camp
program and WBAL-TV supplied children with electronic devices, school supplies,
PPE, and monthly subscriptions to books and academic materials.

Adopt-A-School Program

We target our efforts in support of the Mary Ann Winterling Elementary School in
Baltimore city by purchasing school supplies, donating holiday gift bags,
and participating in virtual reading programs.