Deacon Walter J. Blackwell, Jr. & Charles Diggs, Directors

Use the Service Request Order to report accidents and broken equipment, and request non-routine maintenance and repairs.
The typical response time is 48-72 hours. Repair time can depend on cost and outside contractor assistance.

This Is What We Do

We strive to serve consistent with Central's mission and core values. Our team works directly in consultation with the Senior Pastor and Executive Leadership Team for approval on major building projects and repairs.

Because we understand the impact that building maintenance can have on Church staff and parishioners, our goal is to provide planned and scheduled maintenance whenever we can, and notify all affected parties accordingly. Notification includes:

  • Name of the team and/or company performing the work.
  • Detailed description of the work order.
  • Services and activities to be impacted, if any.
  • Contact information for follow up, questions, and concerns.
  • Actual date and time of scheduled maintenance.

Routine Maintenance or Repair Jobs

We also do routine maintenance and repair in certain areas. You do not have to submit a ticket for routine maintenance such as:

  • Lighting system inspection.
  • Exit sign and emergency lighting inspection.  
  • Bathroom and plumbing systems repairs.
  • Kitchen and plumbing systems repairs.
  • Heating and ventilation system repairs and filter cleaning.
  • Building structure repairs.
  • Landscaping and plants maintenance.
  • Maintain parking curbs devoid of junk, trash, glass, and garbage.